This site documents the progress of an international research study which explores how scholarly and institutional knowledge about university teaching, learning and curriculum flows through academic workgroups – a term we take from the work of higher education scholar Paul Trowler (2008). It hones in on particular workgroups (sometimes disciplines, sometimes departments, sometimes activity) in which several academics have completed an award course in university teaching and learning (typically, a (post)graduate certificate), and it examines how they conduct themselves to negotiate the terrain of their local workgroup. The goal of the study is to build a profile of how learning, teaching and curriculum change is accomplished at a collective level. It also invites critical questions about how social and cultural arrangements within workgroups enables specific kinds of learning, teaching and curriculum practices and subjectivities to stick, over others.

The study’s been going for a little while now – since mid-2014. We plan to use the blog to post our reflections on the process of going about the research, to note any interesting puzzles or curiosities along the way, and as a place to find the outputs of the study.

Check the About section for further information about the rationale for, and design of, the study. The Blog follows our thinking about the project as it unfolds.